Monday, 25 July 2016

Club Tex Portugal Membership Card Badge and Magazine

Thanks Carlos for getting autograph from Maurizio Dotti and Massimo Rotundo for me...

Massimo Rotundo had to continously draw and autograph in this event because Rotundo was very much pestered by fans in an attempt to get an original drawing of his own done on time and with their dedication, leading the Italian author to perform them in inappropriate conditions, but all Massimo Rotundo always responded positively, although in some cases the fatigue of the author could be clearly visible on his face, making a beautiful drawing for every Tex fan and always with a lovely smile on the face giving a lesson of professionalism and humility, confirming because Rotundo was so admired by his Portuguese fans.

I am much privileged to get the legends autographed drawings.

Thanks again to Carlos and the whole Tex Club Portugal for the event.

Few of the drawings from the event:








--- Texfan