Monday, 25 July 2016

Club Tex Portugal Membership Card Badge and Magazine

Thanks Carlos for getting autograph from Maurizio Dotti and Massimo Rotundo for me...

Massimo Rotundo had to continously draw and autograph in this event because Rotundo was very much pestered by fans in an attempt to get an original drawing of his own done on time and with their dedication, leading the Italian author to perform them in inappropriate conditions, but all Massimo Rotundo always responded positively, although in some cases the fatigue of the author could be clearly visible on his face, making a beautiful drawing for every Tex fan and always with a lovely smile on the face giving a lesson of professionalism and humility, confirming because Rotundo was so admired by his Portuguese fans.

I am much privileged to get the legends autographed drawings.

Thanks again to Carlos and the whole Tex Club Portugal for the event.

Few of the drawings from the event:








--- Texfan

Thursday, 21 April 2016

3rd Event - Club Tex Portugal

The Tex Clube de Portugal is created on August 10, 2013, at the 18th Comic-Salon Designed by Viseu.

On coming days 23rd & 24th April The Tex Club de Portugal is having a meetup in the Wine Museum Bairrada in Anadia.

This is their 3rd show which will feature the presence of established Italian designers

Massimo Rotundo and Maurizio Dotti .

Here is a special invite for the event from the Tex Club - Portugal.

I am happy to be a part of the club and to enjoy the friendship of our Texians around the globe.

For Tex Club Portugal, the presence of Massimo Rotundo and Maurizio Dotti will always be a new high point in the history of the Portuguese club, addition to that, these authors have never attended any festival in Portugal which would be history as having the two grand designers to exhibit at an event organized by the Club Tex Portugal .

Massimo Rotundo and Storm over Galveston - A wonderful recent Tex would be exhibited with few of the most beautiful pages and also the good news of this project launch in Portugal: Storm over Galveston , through the seal of the Octopus(Publishing house).

Maurizio Dotti and "Rio Quemado" - Also Maurizio aims to provide the visitors of 3rd Meet of Club Tex Portugal , an overview about the production of an unpublished book in Italy.

We may well see it exposed in Anadia, boards of history " Rio Quemado ".

Few cover pages in print:

Also the Club Tex Portugal is ready for the event all set

Massimo Rotundo (born 11 April 1955) is an Italian comics artist.

After attending the Academy of Fine Arts in his native city, Rome, he made his debut as comics artist in 1978 in collaboration with Eura Editoriale. Later he worked for other publications, like L'Eternauta, Comic Art, Orient Express, Heavy Metal and √ącho des Savanes. In particular, Rotundo stands out for his erotic comics, with the series Ex Libris Eroticis, which recalls the tradition of illustrated erotic literature from the early 1900s. His growing reputation in the erotic comics genre led him to work in the French market as well, where he is well known and appreciated. He is also widely appreciated for his adaptation of literary masterpieces, like Honor√© de Balzac’s novel La peau de Chagrin, Pasolini (based on Jean Dufaux's script) and Luciano De Crescenzo's The Greek Myths.

In Italy his work includes several projects with Sergio Bonelli Editore, starting with his drawings for the comic book Brendon. He also became the official cover artist of Bonelli, starting from the 45th issue of the series. In 2007 he worked as comics and cover artist for the mini-series Volto Nascosto, also published by Bonelli. Furthermore, he collaborated with the writer Giuseppe Ferrandino as comics artist for Nero, Sandokan and Sera Torbara. He also worked with French publisher Delcourt on the comic book Prediction with a script by Pierre Makyo.

Rotundo is one of the founders, as well as a teacher, in the comics Academy “Scuola Romana del Fumetto” in Rome. He works regularly in cinema and theatre: as illustrator, he has collaborated with the costume designer Milena Canonero in several films and plays. As sketch artist he has worked for the films Crusade by Paul Verhoeven, Titus by Julie Taymor (Academy Awards Nomination for costumes), The Wolfman by Joe Johnstone and Gangs of New York by Martin Scorsese. He has also worked as character designer for animation films, like the series Ulysses (Premio Kineo-Diamanti Cartoon On The Bay in Venice - Venice International Film Festival 2012), produced by Rai (the State-owned Italian National broadcasting company) and “The Animation Band”.

He has several awards to his credit, such as The Yellow Kid (de) (1990), as best Italian comics artist, the Gran Guinigi (it) from Lucca in the same year, and the F. M. di Trani, City of Foiano award (1992).

Maurizio Dotti

Maurizio Dotti ( born 10 October 1958 ) is an Italian comics artist.

He started his comics carreer from 1991 , working with Newspaper.

He initially built puppets and scenery for the theater of the Colla.

He realized in 1997 the Special of Zagor and pencils of ' the West Almanac of 1998 (the inks were made ??by Alaric Gattia ), experimenting with Tex Willer , both heros of Sergio Bonelli Editore .

Later he became one of the leading authors of another character of the same publishing house, Dampyr.

In 2013 he joined the staff of Tex, illustrating the episode along more than three books titled El Supreme , scripted by Mauro Boselli , with whom he had collaborated on Dampyr pages.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Tex - The Lonesome Rider - Joe Kubert

Joseph "Joe" Kubert was an American comic book artist, art teacher and founder of The Kubert School. 

He is best known for his work on the DC Comics characters Sgt. Rock and Hawkman.

We got to know about this fantastic artist when he partnered with Claudio Nizzi to provide us a wonderful book 

Tex The Lonesome Rider

As against the adventures of Tex and Pards - Tex, Carson, Kit and Tiger here Claudio Nizzi had written a fast paced storyline where our Tex travels alone on a coarse route to bring back justice.

Joe Kubert had given Tex a different look which reflects clearly Tex as opposed to the old Tex versions.

This book Tex - The Lonesome Rider is published in English in America by SAF comics 

Which is available --

Later by Dark Horse as a hardbound version --

They are also giving the digital version of the book through Kindle edition.

I just got the new hardbound version of the book which look very premium and good.

Reading through this masterpiece is a super fast Ranger ride, which keeps your pulse high.

Few pages from that new book:

The book is an awesome read for all texians around the world.