Saturday, 12 June 2021

Tribute to Master - Tex Willer & Dynamite Bronze Statue

Thursday, June 10th, Via Fratelli Antona Traversi, 23-21, 20157 Milano MI, Italy

On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of Giardino Gianluigi Bonelli, A garden is opened as a tribute, He is one of the important pioneer of Italian comics and creator of our beloved hero Tex Willer.

His son Giorgio Bonelli, who is the chief guest of honor with the Councilor for Culture, Filippo Del Corno attended the inauguration event. 

Giorgio Bonelli in addition to an emotional speech about his father, also inaugurated Bronze Statue Tex Willer and his horse Dynamite which from now on greatly embellishes this garden. 

The Garden had also become another place of worship to be visited by Tex fans and collectors who travel to Milan.

There was a music event as well on the inauguration ceremony with the Tex videos in back ground.

A few snaps from the events, special thanks to Andrea Cherchi & Mauro Boselli for the wonderful photographs of the event.

And now for the part of the post you wanted to look in to....

We understand as this is for homage of Giardino Gianluigi Bonelli, the Bronze statue of Tex Willer is designed in such a way to pay tribute to the Legend.

Anyhow any Tex Willer Fan would have expected the First Statue to be a roaring Tex, but this one here is a classical masterpiece for the Tribute to the creator.

Also please find the news release on the same in Italian Language.

As of today, this has become the favorite place in the world for me. Thanks to the Bonelli Family and Speical thanks to Sergio Bonelli Team.



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